The Rush of Tarrin

Surrounded by monsterous mountain peaks, the city of Tarrin stood firmly. The town was small compared to other locations that had been assigned city lords, but it was an important position nonetheless. The main avenue cut through the center of the town, ending at the base of a large hillside. Horse-drawn carts clomped down the street filled with ore and stone while citizens walked closer to the edge of the street, dodging around carts. Stalls were set up along the road, with awnings of cloth above them despite the day being clouded. Vendors attempted to sell their wares to anyone who passed. Shouts of beckoning filled the air, and citizens moved to and from the main thoroughfare into the multitude of alleyways, some not even large enough to stand two abreast. At the base of the mountain range that the town was built upon, there was a scant inclination that led to a large complex of mining buildings and shafts. Those who had not yet gotten off work struggled to push carts of ore to the horses waiting to transport it. But, there was still a single man who seemed to stand out. He appeared to be not of Auforian descent, and he walked with one of his hands under a lavish cloak– The type that is strange in a city as labor-based as Tarrin. As he dodged carts and shoved past citizens, he eventually reached the entrance to the mines. Although there were guards stationed by the gate to the mining district, there was enough chaos for the man to slip past unnoticed. He continued towards the tunnels silently, scouting for one that appeared to be abandoned. Eventually, he found a shaft that was darkened. The torches had not been relit in some time, and he delved into the mine as deep as he could manage. Slowly, he moved one of his hands out of his cloak, holding a spherical object that looked much like a stone in the dim light with a small rope hanging off of it. He quickly drew out a piece of flint and one of steel, striking them together to create a spark just above the rope. Soon, it caught ablaze and the man dropped the object, moving out of the cave hastily, and sprinting past the guards at the entrance. Soon, he left the busy streets of town into the nearby forest. Just as he reached tree cover, the sound of a muted explosion was heard from behind him. The foreigner was never seen in town again.

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