About Me

I have always enjoyed writing, right from when I started doing it. In the Fourth and Fifth grade, I always enjoyed writing small fiction stories that typically revolved around a character named Jack.

One of the major reasons that I believed developed my love for writing was the fact that I also liked reading– If I’m going to be honest, I was one of the only kids, even up to today who finished my 40-book requirement for the year about a third of the way through.

As I continued to read, I slowly increased my vocabulary until I could actually start describing what I wrote instead of simply writing it. Over the years, I had continued to develop my vocabulary through reading and other means. At the start of Ninth Grade, I began writing a large piece known as ‘Aufora’, a fictional medieval story that revolved around the small continent of Aufora and the constant failed attacks of the Grand Order of Pelegrin on the trading city of Carteria. Over time, I expanded my horizons from the single city in Aufora to the entire continent, with multiple storylines and lots of different characters at different time periods within these stories, and am starting to feel like that I’m carving my own world out of the block of wood that I set before myself.

On this blog, I’m going to be adding creative writing pieces of not just the world of Aufora, but of other genres and worlds themselves as well.

The World of Aufora

I was inspired to create the Aufora stories from John Flanagan’s The Ranger’s Apprentice series. These books are well written and mainly support the ‘Fiction’ part of Medieval Stories, rather than the ‘Fantasy’ part. In my opinion, the best stories aren’t the ones that have magic or other supernatural beings in them. My pieces just showcase the medieval lifestyle and just show what humans in a world like Aufora would do.

Although I had inspiration from this book, Aufora’s world, it’s characters, and locations are all created by me.