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The Brickmakers

The padded feet of Armun sounded thunderous within the cramped passages of the caves. Around him, darkness fell away into nothingness as he held his torch to the ceiling in an attempt to illuminate more of his passage. Armun had been drawn to the caves by a single, unrelenting force. Treasure. He had heard stories … Continue reading The Brickmakers

Aufora: Icebound Keep, Chapter 3

Lord Halmar heard the shriek of metal as it was pulled from a scabbard. On an instinct, he quickly reached down to his side, unsheathing the dagger he held on his side, stumbling towards the rough stone wall with surprise. He hit the side of the building with a surprised grunt, falling to the ground … Continue reading Aufora: Icebound Keep, Chapter 3

Aufora: Icebound Keep, Chapter 2

Ian had stood in Kingsridge Square for a few hours, and nothing all too interesting had occurred. He and his friend Brom Reinford were both city guards, although Ian had ascended to the rank of corporal, making him the technical leader of the squadron. Their assignment to the square typically meant one thing-- waiting. Waiting … Continue reading Aufora: Icebound Keep, Chapter 2